Origin destination

The origin-destination patterns of car traffic are mapped on the basis of a self-determined zone classification. In addition to the usual divisions such as municipalities and postal code areas, a random grid over an area also offers a lot of insight. The minimum size of such an area is 500 meters. In addition to the from-to movements, it can also be determined which traffic drives through a zone.

Insight into origin and destinations offers opportunities to stimulate other modes of transport, such as Mobiltiy as a Service, or adjusting the timetable of public transport. The attractiveness of a location, such as an advertising pole, can also be determined. For a traffic model it offers interesting calibration options.

Since the data only relates to car traffic, it can be combined with public transport usage data. There is then no overlap. The information is fully scalable, from a few zones to entire regions. The information can be viewed in an online viewer and the data can also be exported for further use.

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