A graphical representation of the traffic passing through a section. Where is it from? Where is it going? Are there certain unwanted routes that are commonly used? Is there a distinction between passenger traffic and business traffic? The map image is built up from coarse to fine so that a good answer to the question can be found. It is no problem to view routes of tens of kilometers in length.

Information about the use of desired and undesired routes is desirable in policy-making regarding new infrastructure. The information can also be used to monitor whether a particular measure has had an effect. Questions about cut-through traffic in response to complaints can be better answered.

A sreenline map can provide a picture of the routes used at a lower cost than a survey with ANPR cameras. Combinations of such a survey and a screenline map is also possible. Passenger traffic and business traffic can be distinguished. Because historical data is used, a situation can be mapped out afterwards.

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