There is a lot of data available in the field of mobility. We would like to help you to answer the question “which data is suitable for which purpose”? With our traffic engineering background we can advise you on this.

Our products are these insightful MAPS. To be used in policy decisions, presentations, and as an attractive alternative to fieldwork or a survey.

Getting to know the traffic in a city better often starts with a focus on car traffic. That does not mean that our MAPS can only be used to optimize car traffic. Even if car traffic is the problem, other modes of transport can be the solution.

Our MOVIMAPS Flow not only shows the delay, but also the amount of traffic. That makes it easier to understand the effect of a modal shift. And as traffic is the effect of people want to go from one place to another, MOVIMPAS Origin destiation shows the movements in your city or region.

Visualize traffic

We use TomTom data in our different MOVIMAPS. In this way you do not have to select and process data yourself, but you can easily access the results in MOVIMAPS.

As a distributor, we have direct access to TomTom’s historical and real-time data. We process that data in various maps. Of course we can also help if you want to get started with data from TomTom yourself.

You can contact us for:

Traffic Stats (travel time, speed and numbers on routes and in areas)

OD (origin destination with variable area division)

Route monitoring (real-time delay on routes)

Junction Analytics (monitoring delay, queue length, turn ratios)







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